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Howie worked with me as a high school football player. Although his Strength and Conditioning program challenged me to my complete limits, I stuck with it and the improvement was well worth it. I believe it helped me with my speed and agility and, as a receiver, this was very important to me. Now I am playing college ball, and have a great time. We have Strength and Conditioning coaches at the college level. However, Howie is responsible for getting me here. Thanks, Howie!

- Jeremy  


My daughter, Olivia, is 13 years old and has worked with Howie in his Strength and Conditiong class for the last 8 months. She has attended Howie's weekly group classes and has also worked with him one-on-one. I asked Howie to work wit Olivia on both her speed and core strength; both essential for playing competitive soccer. Howie has definitely delivered. I have seen both improve significantly. Olivia has played for the whole time in most her soccer games as her fitness has allowed her to do so. She is still training with Howie once a week.

                                                                                                        - Stuart

I worked with Howie for a year as a baseball player. I needed help with my speed from home to first based and my quick reaction as an infielder. I also had upper body flexibility issues. I was too tight. My time went from 4.42 to 4.32. As a right hand hitter, I learned how to run more efficiently with improved form as well as power. My balance and core strength improved significantly for better movement on the infield. Also better upper body range of motion.

- David

My son worked with Howie as a three sport athlete: football, wrestling, and baseball. He was excellent at designing a Strength and Conditioning program that was sports-specific. As a linebacker in football, my son gained strength, first step quickness/lateral agility and gained a few pounds of muscle. He was a leg wrestler and Howie developed a program to help him become a much better wrestler and capture a state title as a senior. Great working with you!

- Steve

My daughter has taken Howie's Strength and Conditioning training for a couple of months now and the improvement in her fitness is amazing. Her soccer coach has noticed the difference as well. Her endurance has increased and she has focused on her core and mechanics. Howie is fantastic with the girls and pushes them to be their best. I highly recommend this training.

- Jin

Strength and Conditioning training has had a huge impact in my soccer life. With Howie, I became quicker, faster, stronger, and more flexible. On the pitch I feel like I can get to the ball first, out-run players, and make sharper turns. One time I had a hip flexor injury and Howie taught me a stretch to help me get better. Howie, you've done so much for me in this past 6 months, and for that, I thank you.

- Nathan

Your program has been a true benefit to my daughter's overall fitness. She sincerely enjoys the sessions and the results have shown in her new found strength and confidence.Thank you for showing an interest in helping my daughter's development athletically.

- Chris

Howie has been a great coach. For eight months, he has trained me every Wednesday on various strength exercises. He has improved my strength, cardio and my speed. He gives me food and stretching tips. Howie likes to keep all of the exercises fun and I am always excited to go to training.

- McKinley

Howie makes conditioning really fun! I noticed that I have gotten faster in soccer and I have more endurance. Even though Howie makes you work hard, he is really nice and he cheers you on. I look forward to conditioning, and I would really recommend Howie over any conditioning coach. He is AWESOME!

- Haley

The improvement I have seen with my son's physical and athletic performance in football is well worth the investment in time we have put into training with Howie. He has shown true passion and interest while working with my son and great patience. I thank you, Howie, and my son and I are glad to have been introduced to you.

- Dave

I wanted to give a shout out for Howie with Performance 360.  Abby has been doing S and C with him for 2.5 years and is super fit!  My U14 is working with him now too as she is very small and needs strengthening for tackles.  They do a weekly 45 min session during the year and also attends over breaks and summer to keep their fitness level up.  Howie is very professional and a super athlete.  
He does a great job of working on upper body and core fitness to augment activities done during practice. He also provides great insight for injured players and provides a home exercise program
as needed. 

- Yvette

Howie’s workouts have been a wonderful complement to both of my daughter’s soccer and track trainings. He pushes his athletes to work hard yet keeps the trainings fun. My girls look forward to going and have been very motivated by the strength results and improved running form. We really appreciate that Howie closely monitors the technique of the athletes as they perform the exercises
and oversees them so they don't injure themselves from poor form. We highly recommend training with Howie. He goes above and beyond!  

-  Dave & Rachel

Howie workouts are very fun even though he makes us work very hard. I always look forward to training with him and have gotten a lot stronger. It has really helped me with my running form.
I really appreciate that he came to watch me at my track meet so he knew how to better help me.  


-  Sarah

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